Alden's Mill House

Alden, Michigan

Alden, Michigan is the only village, that is directly on the shore, of Torch Lake. Visitors on a Michigan road trip, around the beautiful lake, might miss one of the most unique shops anywhere in Michigan. Alden is a small village, only a couple of blocks long. As you make the turn, at Torch Lake Drive and Helena, it is easy to drive right by Alden's Mill House. If you love to cook and are looking for that extra “something special”, the spices created at Alden's Mill House, are just the thing. This shop is so great, that I rarely go through the area, without making it a point to stop in. Especially if I am running low, on their mouth-watering pure ground, roasted garlic.

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It all started in 1984, when Eugene Moglovkin, known as Chef Geno, developed his signature all-purpose seasoning, "Miracle Blend". That seasoning is just one of the 32+ custom blends, from Pepper Mill Spices, that can turn any cook into a chef. Over the years, Chef Geno developed and perfected his own custom seasoning blends, that have been used in some of America’s finest clubs and restaurants. Chef Geno won numerous awards and ribbons, in culinary art shows, from Michigan to Florida. The Pepper Mill, and Alden Mill House products, are made up of the finest ingredients, carefully chosen from around the world.

The custom blends are one of the reasons these seasonings are so special. Another reason is the attention to quality, that is part of every step in producing each product. The owners use only the highest quality spices from around the world. In addition, they only use kosher flake salt, it has no trace of iodine, that can alter the flavor. They grind and mix all their spices, label their own bottles, and then fill each bottle individually. The tradition of culinary excellence, started by Chef Geno, is carried on by the family, every day.

There is more. The shop offers cooking utensils, cookbooks, and a fantastic range of gadgets for the kitchen and the grill. Getting into the shop is an experience in itself. From the street is a pathway that meanders through whimsical garden filled with flowers, shrubs, and a whole menagerie of sculptures. On a warm summer day, visitors are welcome to use the benches, and pause in the shade provided by the garden trees. After a rest, head inside and explore the House of Good Taste, Alden's Mill House.

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