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This site, and its companion sites, are all about fun Michigan getaways along the back roads. The focus is on small historic towns, historic destinations, local festivals, unique lodging and local shops.  You won't find many famous places but you will find dozens of destinations that you may have overlooked.

The Podcast - When planning and researching the podcast, I talked to a lot of people about listening habits and looked to the past for guidance.  Many people said they listen while commuting - so 20 minutes was a good length, but there are other periods of time when we are idle.  Almost everyone finds themselves sitting quietly alone for a few minutes at least once per day.  People occupy their "porcelain" time in different ways. Some mess about with Facebook, some play solitaire on their phone. Some listen to Michigan Back Roads Podcast episodes, short stories runnning 3-5 minutes.

Live Presentations – I give live slide show presentations all over the state about Road Trips to out of the way places in Michigan. These presentations are done in libraries, historical societies and clubs.  If you are looking for entertaining programs without preaching, profanity or politics, contact me. 2023 Programs PDF

Up North - Defining "up north" is problematic.  If you live in Coldwater, you may regard anything north of Clare as "up north".  If you live in Good Hart, you may regard the upper peninsula as "up north".  If you live on the Lake Michigan coast of the upper peninsula, you refer to the Lake Superior coast as "up north".  If you live in Ohio you probably regard anything north of U.S.12 as "up north".

The Newsletter - Travel In Michigan is my web magazine. This site is rewritten every month and is used to promote a few specific destinations and events each month. Each Terrific Town is featured at least once per year. More than 6,000 people subscribe to receive an e-mail alert each month when the new issue goes online.