Ontonagon Getaway

Gateway to Copper Country

lighthouseOntonagon, Michigan is perhaps the best kept secret in the western upper peninsula of Michigan. Steeped in the history of the copper country of Michigan, Ontonagon maintains traditional values while embracing the future. Take time to visit and enjoy a town you can walk through at night, stroll a beach just blocks from downtown and delight to some stunning views of Lake Superior.  A four season destination with plenty to do for every interest.

The Ontonagon Water Trail, on Lake Superior, is as unique as you will find.  There is a lighthouse at one end, a shipwreck on the other and a top level campground in the middle.  Then there are the festivals including the Lake Trout Classic and Copper Fest among many others. 

The lighthouse pictured here is the historic Ontonagon Lighthouse.  It is currently part of the Ontonagon Historical Society Museum Complex.  The Historical Museum is located in downtown Ontonagon and conducts tours to the lighthouse. 


The Historical Museum itself is worth a visit and will illuminate the amazing history of this region. The museum is huge and will occupy visitors for hours if you have the time.

The Ontonagon Scenic Drive is a great way to tour this picturesque region.