Otsego, Michigan

Otsego, Michigan - Home of the Heritage Water Trail - Otsego Main Street


water trailOtsego, Michigan is the kind of place you may have to visit more than once to get into everything that there is to enjoy. When you first get there on the main road you know that you have arrived in a community with great pride in itself and its history.

The downtown district is sharp and neat with banners flying from decorative light poles. As you pass through the quaint downtown you will notice one distinctive characteristic of Otsego, Michigan, a most unusual collection of shops. Several of them are inside historic buildings and are as cool as you could hope for in a small town. A few minutes strolling the street and you will be having some fun.

Otsego, Michigan sits astride the Kalamazoo River and the history and development of the community is tied to that river. From its earliest days the town has had manufacturing along the river and still does today. At one time there were healing Mineral Springs here, now long gone, but there are still healers in town. There are quiet places all around with parks, a river walk and small lakes. Outside of town the level plains made famous as "oak openings" by James Fenimore Cooper are still to be found along the ever present river. Much more can be found by a visit to the Otsego Historical Society