Montague, Michigan

Montague, Michigan - Home of the worlds tallest weathervane.


Montague MichiganTerrific Towns are known for their natural beauty, unique history, unique shops and Michigan lodging. The City of Montague, Michigan owns the 600 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline immediately north of the White Lake Channel.... and so begins the series of surprises and treasures to be found here in Montague, Michigan. It will definitely require more than one trip to explore even a portion of the fun to be had. There are four seasons in Montague and you can use all of them.


Here is the SHORT list to get you started.

The museum, the weathervane, the lighthouse, the Hart-Montague Trail, the boating, the golfing, the fishing, the arts and the shopping. There are a couple of ways to begin to enjoy this place. One is to check out the festivals and events and plan your visit around one. The other is to just drive in and take your chances. Either way you are in for a couple of surprises.


Montague, Michigan may be small but it will take the entire morning to cover the art gallery, the antique mall, the farmers market and still have time for live music at the coffee shop. Montague is small in the fullest sense of the word "quaint" yet, the local Arts Council is very active and the history of this region is as rich as any town that grew up on Lake Michigan.


The White Lake area is only 194 miles from Detroit, 183 miles from Chicago, and 70 miles from Milwaukee.