Kalkaska, Michigan

Downtown Kalkaska is the home of the National Trout Festival


national trout festivalKalkaska, Michigan is famous for the Trout Festival and makes visitors welcome from all over the world. However. there are a lot of other reasons to make this village a destination. The natural wonders in the area are second to none. The shops are friendly and full of surprises. Winter sports here are some of the best in the state. All of this in a community that cherishes its history while creating its future. You never know what you will find in the least expected places.

Kalkaska has been the center for exploring "up north" since the lumbering days.  Nearby is Seven Bridges Park called the "Jewel of Kalkaska County".  Rugg Pond is a local favorite for an afternoon picnic, a short nature walk or a quick break to try to catch delicious trout.

Kalkaska is the starting point for the Iceman Cometh Bike Race that is run every November.  Thousands of racers from dozens of countries roll across the frozen country side in a 29 mile mountain bike race.

The Leetsville ORV Trail offers 20+ miles of trail riding, click here for more trail and camping info.

Kalkaska is one of Northern Michigan's destinations for visitors of all ages. The many surrounding lakes and streams lure travelers into the village.

Combining its strong base of community values, its heritage of hard working people, and the natural beauty of the surrounding area, Kalkaska will continue to provide a bit of paradise for residents and visitors alike.