Escanaba, Michigan

Escanaba, Michigan - On Big Bay De Noc


sculptureCruising through the downtown district of Escanaba, Michigan one is struck by the beauty of the boulevard and the extraordinary architecture of the historic buildings.

A stroll along the boulevard downtown will be rewarded with the discovery of really great shops and galleries.  Leigh's Garden presents a simple exterior that conceals a gorgeous wine tasting room, the Ludington Gallery offers several rooms of top quality work by local artists and Positively provides inspiration and endless ideas for gift giving, just to name a few.

Long before the first white settlers arrived, Nokay Indian children liked to fish and play by Little Bay de Noc. They called the area Escowanaba because the river there had wide flat rocks in it. Escowanaba means, flat rock.

Today when visiting Escanaba, Michigan you find yourself surrounded by beauty on every side, the bays, the arts, the buildings, here is a surprise destination that is worth it in every season. The area history is preserved at the museum near the Sand Point Lighthouse.  Escanaba, Michigan is in an area called the "banana belt" and with good reason. The "lake effect" seems to work in reverse here and they get less snow per year than Lansing.