Colon, Michigan

Colon, Michigan - Magic Capital of the World -


FAB Magic will have Saturday Magic Shows all summer at Noon.  Abbott Magic has Saturday Magic Shows at 1:00 pm.  Magic City Coffee is now available in the FAB Magic Store.  Colon Visitors Center open at the front of FAB Magic.

magicianIn 1821, Chief Topipahee of the Potawatomi Tribe sold the white people a great area of land of which St. Joseph County was a part. The terms of sale were $5,000 each for twenty years and $1,000 a year to pay for a blacksmith and a teacher. The Ottawa Indians, who were friends and allies of the Potawatomi, were to receive $1,000 a year forever and $1,500 a year to pay a blacksmith, teacher and a farmer. Today Colon is a warm and friendly place where visitors are made to feel welcome. There is a genuine sense of community that can be seen in the way the historic buildings are preserved and the legends of the past are kept alive even while the town keeps pace with a modern world.

colon michiganIn 1925, Magician Harry Blackstone moved to Colon, Michigan. He and his brother Pete Bouton along with the stage crew would refurbish their illusion show during the summer months in preparation for their annual fall and winter tour throughout the United States. In 1927, Australian magician/ventriloquist Percy Abbott was invited to Colon, Michigan by Blackstone. The two hit upon the idea of opening a magic manufacturing company - Blackstone Magic Company. However, it was short lived and the partnership lasted only 18 months.

Originally, Colon Township covered an area of 21,467 acres of land and 1,575 acres of water surface. Roswell Schellhous came from Ohio in 1829 to the Colon area. he built a two room log house in the northwest section of the township. By 1830, three brothers of Roswell had moved to Colon, all settled near the same area. In 1830, Lorausi Schellhous, his brother George and a friend named Hatch, took it upon themselves to lay out a city plot on the land owned by Lorausi Schellhous. Arrangements were made and a surveyor laid the lots. A dictionary was used to name the city plot; the first word they put their eyes on was the word 'colon'. The definition for colon : - a mark of punctuation indicating a pause almost as long as that of a period. So they called it Colon.