lighthouseThere are miles of golden sand beaches, biking and hiking trails, and pristine wilderness that make for a great getaway to Tawas Bay. The bay is defined by a curved point of land. On the southern end is Tawas City Shoreline Park and on the other end of the curved Lake Huron shoreline is Tawas Point State Park and the Tawas Point Lighthouse. Those two points are connected by good roads, biking and walking trails and beautiful beaches. Tawas Bay is perfect for sailing, paddling, fishing, power boating, and wave runners. It is also a favorite destination for kiteboarding. All of the Lake Huron beaches slope gently down to the bay, creating a great place for outings to play in the sand and water. Another favorite beach is inland at Sand Lake.


There are a lot of attractions around Tawas Bay. More will be added here weekly. Since this is November, 2017, I will focus on downtown and the Corsair Trails.


 The principal shopping district, Newman Street, has an amazing range of shopping and dining options. If you are looking for gifts or just want to enjoy a unique shopping destination, Newman Street is the place to go. In just a few blocks, with plenty of parking, you'll find everything from chocolate to jewelry to local art.


If you miss the good old days, and those great variety stores, head over to Mooney's Ben Franklin. Mooney's, at 138 Newman St. in East Tawas, was established as a family business in 1944, and it is still run as a family business today. Here is the short list of what you'll find souvenirs, games, beach stuff, camping goodies, puzzles, tons of indoor and outdoor activities, clothes, hardware, crafts, knitting, quilting, home cottage cabin camper decor, garden decor, cards, sunglasses. The people who run Mooney's are always friendly and helpful, if you can't find it , just ask. They probably have it somewhere in the store.

The Tawas Bay Art Council & Gallery, also on Newman St. promotes the work of local artists for the benefit and enjoyment of the community. The member artists volunteer activities include, gallery classes, an annual artwork raffle for the area high school juried art show, annual fine art show and other local fundraisers. At the same time, the council helps teach children and adults aspiring to bring out their inner artist.


Since the 1930's, the Corsair Trails System has been the crown jewel of the Silver Valley. This region is known for it’s many miles of scenic groomed trails, some of the best anywhere. It isn't just cross country skiing, the Corsair Trail system is perfect for the casual hiker as well. The lure is the forest itself, the deep snowfalls, and the clean fresh air. There are amazing scenic views from such spots as Silver Valley, Iargo Springs, Corsair, and the Lumberman’s Monument. At the Au Sable Highbanks, you can see clear across the AuSable River Valley and watch snowstorms advancing 20 miles away.