WATERWAYVisitors to Charlevoix seem to have different first impressions of this town known as “Charlevoix The Beautiful”. Different ways of describing its attraction, different memories that hang on year after year. Some people remember their first impression of a beautiful sail boat passing through the drawbridge from Lake Charlevoix to Lake Michigan. Some recall the bustling main street shopping district. Some visitors found the tour of the Mushroom Houses unforgettable. Some people bring out those pictures of Lake Michigan sunsets and natural beauty. It is all here in Charlevoix.


The shops and eateries of Charlevoix are clustered along the main street on the shore of Lake Charlevoix, mostly. There are some really cool places worth finding that are not right downtown. This is Hemingway Country and you can find information at the historical museum or, hike the trails and fish the trout streams he loved, just minutes away. There are nearly two dozen trails and nature preserves to explore. The beaches are beautiful and are a favorite destination for rock pickers and those searching for Petoskey stones.

Beaver Island, the most remote on the Great Lakes, is just a short trip away. The island has some of the most unique history of any place in Michigan and is a must visit for bird watchers.

One friend told me about coming in from the east and taking a wrong turn. They ended up with a scenic drive along the south shore of Lake Charlevoix and had the surprise and fun of crossing on the Ironton Ferry. The ferry ride is short, just a couple hundred yards. You end up on Route 66 with a quick drive into town. Regardless of the different impressions and memories, most people will be smiling as they describe their Charlevoix getaway, and nearly everybody is looking forward to a return visit.