Whitehall Products - Montegue, Michigan

Made In Michigan


weathervaneCenturies ago, weathervanes were one of the first instruments used to detect changes in the weather by pointing in the direction from which the wind was blowing. The Tower Of Winds in Athens, Greece (48 BC), topped with its Triton weathervane, is among the earliest archaeological examples. Over the years, a variety of ornaments have been created to display various cultural, religious, and patriotic themes.

Behind the legend of Whitehall artistry lies the tale of a unique craft inspired by the majestic shores and woodlands of Western Michigan. It was a master woodcarver’s desire to reproduce and preserve his hand carved wood sculpture in metal, depicting the grace and essence of America’s natural beauty.

Over 66 years later, Whitehall Products still offers you the same mastery in detail in each originally designed carved and hand cast product. The largest weathervane in the world is in Montague Michigan and was manufactured by Whitehall Products.