Pine Hills Golf - Laingsburg, Michigan

A Shot Makers Golf Course -


golf course

Founded in 1961, Pine Hills is best described as an original "up north" style course with lots of elevation changes, dog legs and tree lined fairways.  Then there there is a wetland to deal with in addition to a stream that meanders through several holes and the usual traps and hazards.  While distance is an important tool on any course, you won't be able to spray the ball all over the place and try to conquer this course with huge bombing drives, you will need to think about every shot.  This is a shot makers course.


Strategic play will produce rewards as you navigate the tree-lined fairways and fire at the wide variety of greens.  There is real variety of greens from #12 which is best described as a "postage stamp" to large undulating greens that are well protected by water or tucked into the trees that are everywhere.  While accuracy is important, hitting it long can work out on some holes. Number 18 is a fantastic 5 par with a dogleg that big hitters can cut off.  If they can hit the small landing area the green is reachable in two. 


Disc Golf - only the 2nd in Michigan We have 18 holes of a championship disc golf course laid out and ready for play. We will have the course open year round (not all days in the winter). We decided to install a disc golf course on our back nine course to bring different golfers to the area and to create a scenic, challenging yet fun course for the disc players of all levels. The course is laid out in the same pattern as the 9 holes of ball golf. Some ball golf holes have 2 and 3 disc holes on them and we are able to intertwine both ball golfers and disc golfers at the same time. The course has natural grass tee pads at for now and we will start to convert those to brick paver pads soon.