Three Day Getaway - Paulding, Michigan


moose cabinThe Running Bear Resort is a wonderful collection of cabins for an old time getaway "up north". As you approach Paulding, Michigan from the south on route 45 from Watersmeet, you will see the resort on the west side of the road. An old fashion resort with on site cabins, picnic areas and a park-like atmosphere.   These modernized cabins are cozy, fully furnished and all have WiFi & cable.

Day 1 - Ghost Light Day - People travel from all over the world in hopes of seeing the Paulding Light.  The Running Bear Resort is just a few miles from the viewing site.

Day 2 - Waterfalls Day - World Famous Bond Falls is just around the corner. - Kakabika Falls is reached after a beautiful drive through the forest. - O Kun De Kun Falls is spectacular but requires pretty good hike, it is worth it.

Day 3 - Porcupine Mountains is a day trip away, home to the fantastic Lake of the Clouds - Pasties are still a staple in this region.  The tastiest are made at Henry's Inn in nearby Rockland - While in town be sure to check the Spice Vault inside the Rockland Depot.