3 Day Winter Getaway - Grayling, Michigan

Three Day Getaway by - Fay's Motel Grayling


snowmobiles With over 150 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in Crawford County there are many possibilities for trips based in Grayling.  Day trip routes from Grayling can take you to Lovells, Starvation Lake, the Blue Bear Trails, the Jordan Valley area, even as far as the Mackinac Bridge.


The AuSable Valley Snowmobile Association groomer drivers and trail maintenance personnel are unpaid volunteers working many long hours to provide up to date information and safe trail conditions.  Consult with Keith and Sandy at Fay's Motel or take their email newsletter, with their guidance you will be well informed and have a great Grayling winter getaway.


Safety first ensures that snowmobiling is a fun sport.  Dress properly and make sure your machine is in good condition.  Be familiar with local conditions, emergency marker signs and stay off the railroad tracks. Rely on advice from local experienced groomers and drivers for a fun Grayling winter getaway.


The Trail Maps are representations of the area.  Distances and conditions vary.

Day 1 - West Trail -- Boardman - Fife Lake - Kalkaska 

Day 2 - East Trail -- Lovell's - Lewiston 

Day 3 - North Trail -- Jordan Valley - Torch Lake 

Complete Trail Map of the Region  


Summer Fun - There is plenty to do in the warm months as well. The vast areas of State lands that the trails run through are also popular destinations for morel mushroom hunters. The Fay's Motel newsletter publishes accurate updates about morel mushroom hunting.

The Grayling Country Club is a mature golf course that is just a couple of blocks from downtown. The Club is open to the public. It serves up excellent food and a real golfing challenge that is fun for all skill levels. It is a favorite with seniors and local women golfers but, it will challenge those young long hitters as well.

AuSable River Canoe Marathon, a 120 mile canoe race takes place every year. It begins in Grayling and ends in Oscoda. The AuSable River is one of the premier fly-fishing destinations in the world.

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