3 Day Getaway - Cheboygan, Michigan

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bed and breakfastCheboygan has been a home port for ferryboats to Bois Blanc island in the Straits of Mackinac since 1890. While enjoying the unique shops along Main St. in downtown, you will be constantly reminded of the role waterways have played in the long history of this community. Lighthouses, museums and the famous Cheboygan Opera House are all within walking distance of the downtown parks.


The scenery around Cheboygan is fantastic in all four seasons. Sunrises, sunsets, starlit nights and the northern lights are all visible from the Nine Mile Point B & B. The inn offers comfort and solitude yet it is an easy drive to the waterways, a wide range of nature trails and downtown Cheboygan.


Day 1 - Downtown Day –  Of all of the historic structures in downtown Cheboygan, the Opera House is probably the most famous. Originally built in 1877, it hosted popular shows during the colorful lumbering era. Fires swept through the building in 1888 and again in 1903. In the mid 1960's the opera house closed its doors. The Cheboygan Area Arts Council got to work and in 1984 the elegantly restored Opera House again opened its doors. Acoustically, this Victorian theatre is considered superb. The décor is gorgeous and the excellent shows have made this a major destination in the region. A tour will almost certainly be on your must do list, especially if you want to meet the ghost.


Home style cooking is always a favorite and "Alice's Restaurant" on Main St. serves it up just the way Grandma used to. It is a good spot for a break while searching for those unusual antique shops that are hidden away.


Day 2 – Nature Day - Nature lovers can take a short drive to the Oqueoc Waterfall outside Onaway and hike the trail to the sinkholes. If you prefer to spend all day in a forested setting, the Black Mountain Recreation Area is just a few miles away. The network of trails is enormous with over 30 miles available for hiking, 60 miles for off road vehicles, and 80 groomed miles for snowmobiling. There are plenty of opportunities for other outdoor pursuits like camping, hunting and fishing inside the recreation area as well.


Day 3 – On the Water – If you prefer to stay close to town, a ferryboat ride to Bois Blanc Island may be just the thing or enjoy a couple of hours paddling a canoe on the Cheboygan River. For those planning a longer water excursion, the Inland Waterway is waiting for you. The Inland Waterway is Michigan's longest chain of rivers and lakes, allowing boaters to navigate from the mouth of the Cheboygan River 40 plus miles to Crooked Lake. The route is comprised of: Crooked Lake, Crooked River, Burt Lake, Indian River, Mullet Lake, and the Cheboygan River.


Winter Fun - The Cheboygan area has more trails to explore than almost anywhere in Michigan or across the United States.  The North Eastern State Trail runs 71 miles from Cheboygan to Alpena. You’ll ride through silent pristine forests and across frozen lakes that stretch for miles. You can pause in villages and towns. You’ll be treated wildlife and sunrises and sunsets. Cheboygan has the kind of lake effect snowfalls and winter storms that make for wondrous and magical winter recreation experiences. For the quiet winter sports, snowshoeing and cross country skiing, the Black Mountain Recreation Area is a favorite once again. There are trails that will delight the novice and challenge the more advanced.


Lighthouse Day - If you have an extra day, there are seven lighthouses or lighthouse ruins nearby.