Looking for a getaway on the back roads?  Here are a few ideas.


Day Trips - Road Trips to some of the unique, one day getaways in Michigan.

Food & Fun - fun stops and good food to spice up your Michigan getaway.

Oddities & Rarities - Explore rare or unexplained oddities in small towns.

Quick & Easy Getaways - Spur of the moment getaways for a day or overnight.

Three Day Getaways - Based in a cool inn or B&B with 3 days of destinations.

Trails & Treasures - Easy trails with local attractions for nature day trips.

Up North - Separate site with color tours, natural wonders, trails, and waterfalls.  Another great source for Waterfalls is Phil Stagg.


Michigan Getaway Books

Three Day Getaways Trails & Treasures Road Trips Oddities & Rarities


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