Thrill on the Hill - Buchanan, Michigan

Always In January -


thrill on the hillIt is winter in Buchanan and that means it is time for Thrill on the Hill. This small community of 4,600 people may be known to some as the Redbud City, but it does have a unique feature that stands above the rest.   The main street is called Front Street, and it's blessed with a very steep hill.   And this hill sets the stage for what is now a January tradition. The hill is open for use from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday. Then is shut down for a couple hours while they prepare the hill for an adults only midnight ride.  For a small fee, you can enjoy the festivities, and they will even provide the tubes.  The money generated stays right in the community and goes toward expenses, but also goes to the Buchanan Area Recreational Board, or BARB as it is known, which ends up going funding parks.

The 600 foot adrenaline rush is just one of the many family friendly events at Thrill on the Hill . The kids seemed to have the right idea. On the somewhat slushy runs, the best tactic seemed to be to lay their sledding tube down, get a running start and jump onto it.  The other option was to have a friend pull you along.  Either way, the laughs and cheers of the crowd are a sure sign of lots of fun.