Alpaca Shearing - Norway, Michigan

Always In May -


alpacasShearing is vital to an alpacas over all health. It is not their favorite day of the year, but they are sure one happy Paca when it's finished!

Each animal is brought into the shearing area and gently laid down on a padded mat. Their legs are carefully restrained and stretched out so that neither the animal nor the people are hurt by any sudden movement or thrashing around. NO animal is ever hurt during the process! Some animals just quietly lay there until it is over, which takes about 7 minutes, while other cry like a baby! The fact is they just don't like being handled very much, much less being restrained. But before they know it they've had their moment at the spa getting their hair cut, nails done and over all health assessed. The first thing they will normally do is find the nearest dirt pile and roll and roll!

Shearing will be open to the public at 9:00 a.m. All parking is in the back, so just drive around the house and you'll find us! The store will be open so you can see what wonderful things are produced from alpaca as well as other materials. We hope you will mark your calendar and join us!