Pumpkin Roll - Montague, Michigan

Always held on the 2nd Saturday in October - www.whitelake.org


pumpkinsFor years, the Montague residents have told stories of late night ‘rollings’ when youngsters raced to outwit authorities by sending pumpkins off the back of pick-up trucks. Now, the ROLL is sanctioned and ribbons and buttons are awarded to the winners of each heat!  When they holler “ready-set-go,” veteran pumpkin rollers get ready to unleash a pack of rolling pumpkins down the Dowling Street Hill in downtown Montague, Michigan.  Hundreds of residents and visitors wait in line to roll their favorite pumpkin down this mid-town hill.

The famous Pumpkin Roll down Dowling Hill (also known as the Town Hill and the Franklin Hill) begins with registration at 9:30 am. The event features over 700 pumpkin rolling contestants from age six months to age 95. Fun for the whole family with pumpkin pie baking contests, seed spitting contests, pumpkin painting and carving contests – and much more. The White Lake Senior Center will have food specials to go along with vendors selling elephant ears, hot dogs, pizzas, candied apples, etc. For more information, call the White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce at 231-893-4585.