Log Cabin Day - Richmond, Michigan

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log cabinJoin us for Log Cabin Day - June 2014 - On December 9, 1986, the Michigan Legislature passed a resolution proclaiming Log Cabin Day on June 28, 1987 for the Sesquicentennial. On that day there was a tour of seven Berrien County log cabins along with four other Log Cabin Day events in the state. Because of public response, the Legislature passed a bill to make Log Cabin Day annual, signed by Gov. James J. Blanchard on June 15, 1989. As recorded in the Statutes of Michigan: "The last Sunday of June of each year shall be known as 'Log Cabin Day.' " Michigan is the only state which has an annual statewide log cabin festival.

Of the hundreds of log cabins which have been on the annual Log Cabin Day parade since 1987, at least seven were built before 1840.This event is very popular with both the young and old. This event is held in The Historic Village @ Bailey Memorial Park. The fur trade era will be depicted with on-going demonstrations. Watch local artisans as they carry out their craft. Among the lost arts demonstrated will be "flint napping" - the making of arrowheads, candle making, spinning, and pipe carving, along with banjo music and story telling.