Iceman Cometh - Kalkaska, Michigan

Iceman Cometh Festival - Always In November -

iceman racersIn November, thousands of bicyclists gather in Kalkaska to participate a most unusual race.  In what can be pure Michigan winter weather, they cover some 27 miles on paved roads, dirt roads, "snake trails", abandoned railroad beds and the world famous VASA Nordic Ski Trail. The finish line is near Traverse City. Before they get there, they make their way through the Manistee National Forest and pass places such as "Steve's Secret", "Lombard's Luge", and "Icebreaker". In the past more than $20,000 in cash and merchandise was up for grabs. Iceman Cometh Challenge is a 29 mile point-to-point mountain bike race from Kalkaska to Traverse City, Michigan. Held traditionally on the first Saturday of November (except for years when the first Saturday of November is the 1st

TRAIL ROUTE Starting in downtown Kalkaska, the Bell’s Beer Iceman trail consists of paved roads, dirt roads, two tracks (the majority of the course), abandoned railroad beds, and the world famous Vasa Nordic ski trail. Approximately 29 miles long, the course crosses only one paved road (Williamsburg Rd. at mile 17) as it winds through the breath taking terrain of the Pere Marquette State Forest in Northwestern Lower Michigan. Course highlights include “Steve’s Secret”, “Lombard’s Luge,” “Cassle Cliffs,” and “Ice Breaker” (the last hill to climb). The finish line at Timber Ridge, just east of Traverse City, will be a welcome sight to all Icemen and Icewomen. The course can be best described as a road race on dirt.

The Meijer Slush Cup offers beginning riders with a half frozen version of the Iceman. Approximately 8 miles long, the Slush Cup starts at Timber Ridge, follows the Vasa 10K ski trail, and then merges with the Iceman trail before winding up back at Timber Ridge.

 The Meijer Sno-Cone is geared for riders 12 & under who want to discover the thrill of bike racing. Each participant receives a medal, number plate, and stickers.