National Asparagus Festival - Michigan

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asparagusEach year the Arts & Craft Fair is one of the most popular in the area, with over 100 crafters displaying homemade goods. Booths include quilting, woodworking, jewelry, painting, stained glass, crochet items, and much, much more!

A planting of asparagus is picked an average of twenty times during the season, then the plants are left so the roots can be refortified with nutrients.Wild asparagus can be found in fence corners and hedgerows all over the eastern states and irrigated sections of the west, according to Euell Gibbons in his "Stalking the Wild Asparagus". It is exactly the same species as the domestic varieties; the seeds scattered from cultivated planting by birds.

Approximately 30% of Oceana's asparagus is consumed by the fresh market. The rest is taken to local processing plants to be frozen or canned or to receiving stations that ship to processors outside of the county.