Archibald Jones Day - Beulah, Michigan

Archibald Jones Day - Usually In August


"Archibald Jones Day" at the Village Park in Beulah, MI. Archibald Jones is known for engineering the 'Tragedy of Crystal Lake' in 1873 by connecting Crystal Lake to Lake Michigan to assist his shipping business and not checking the elevation differences between the two bodies of water.  When the canal was completed and the lakes connected, the water level in Crystal Lake plunged.  As a result, there is now waterfront property all around Crystal Lake and the Village of Beulah was settled.

Activities for all ages include a walking tour of Beulah and the waterfront area as well as a wide variety of 'Victorian era' games. There is a simulation of the lowering of the lake as well as hearing Mr. Jones tell his side of the story. Following Mr. Jones will be a sing-along and a birthday celebration in honor of his birthday.