Red Oak, Michigan

Historic Red Oak, Michigan

old hallThe history of Red Oak, Michigan is tied to the lumber era and the railroads. This is now a scenic area, consisting of many hills, lakes, scenic drives and farm land.

At the junction of County Roads 489, (Red Oak Road), and Kneeland Rd. is an historic structure, possibly an old one-room schoolhouse. Just to the north is the main county road that runs east and west. One designation for it is F-32 and it is one of the most scenic drives in all of north east Michigan. To the east it runs along the Au Sable River just north of Mio, Michigan. This entire area now and most of the region along the road is Kirtland’s Warbler Country, with several regions of low scrub pine, the preferred nesting ground of this rare species.

Red Oak, once a thriving lumber town. It received a post office and station on the Au Sable & Northwestern Railroad in 1888. Red Oak is just north from Mio, Michigan.

The Kneeland Road is a beautiful drive if you don't mind gravel.