Mushroom Houses, Charlevoix, MI.


mushroom house half houseThe unique architecture of Earl Young Mushroom Houses catches the eye almost immediately. There are nearly 30 of these amazing houses with those distinctive roofs and unusual stone work. Young began in 1919 and continued building for almost 50 years. He used locally available materials like field stone, limestone and cedar-shakes to create those wavy roofs. Each of these houses is different and each was designed to blend in with its surrounding landscape. One house, the Half House, is called that because it looks like it is cut in half. Another has two chimneys that look like melting cement. One has a roof like a mushroom and another has one side that looks like an owl. These details are part of what makes the tour so much fun. The houses have come to be known as Hobbit Houses and Mushroom Houses. The fireplace at the Weathervane restaurant is another example of the awesome stonework in these structures. In addition to Stafford's, there is every imaginable lodging option close to downtown.