Schooner Ellenwood -  Montague, Michigan

Saga of the Schooner "Ellenwood"


ellenwoodThe 157 ton lumber schooner Ella Ellenwood was built in Saginaw Michigan and was operated out of White Lake by Captain Thomas Flagstad. On the night of October 1, 1901 while bound for Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a load of maple edgings and shingles, the Ella Ellenwood ran aground off Fox Point about 8 miles from the Milwaukee harbor. Within hours the northerly winds and waves began to break the proud vessel apart.

The captain and crew were compelled to abandon ship. By the next day the ship's fate was sealed and she was soon gone. The following spring a portion of the wooden nameplate "ELLENWOOD" was found inside White Lake channel. Somehow, the nameplate had drifted across Lake Michigan and found its way into the narrow channel leading to White Lake. The Ella Ellenwood had found her way home.

This 115-year-old nameplate and a scale model of the Ellenwood are exhibited in the downstairs lobby of the Montague City Hall. The nameplate is a gift from Mrs. Lee King, a relative of Captain Flagstad. Other descendants of Captain Flagstad, now spelled Flagstead, still live in the White Lake area.