Iargo Springs - Iosco County, Michigan

iargo springsIargo Springs is easily one of the most beautiful and least known spots in northeast Michigan. Far down the cliff side are pools of pristine spring waters that have been used and revered since pre-history.  These ancient springs form large pools of crystal clear water.  What may appear to be water that is a few inches deep, is actually several feet deep.

When you visit Iargo Springs you will need to be prepared to handle the steps, some 300 of them, take your time.  There are several places  on the stairs to pause, rest and enjoy the view. Keep your eye peeled for the Bald Eagles that live here.

Iargo Springs is presented as an interpretive site.  The springs are located out on the River Road Scenic Byway.  Discovered and rediscovered, this magical location will touch you and call you back again and again!