Turnip Rock, Port Austin, Michigan



turnip rock

Turnip Rock has become a well known destination despite the difficulties encountered to get there. The iconic rock formation is in Lake Huron at the tip of the thumb. In addition, the shoreline near the rock is private property. Therefore the best way to visit Turnip Rock is by water, usually a kayak is the best option. Port Austin is the best place from which to launch a kayak. If you don't have your own, just stop by Port Austin Kayak. Not only can they fix you up with all the gear and give you weather and safety tips, you can launch right out their back door. They make it easy to explore the Lake Huron shoreline by kayak or paddle board. Turnip Rock it is a beautiful formation which is also a tiny tidal island. It got it's name from it's distinctive. The likeness to a turnip is enhanced by the tall trees and vegetation growing on top of the rock’s surface. This turnip shape of the rock is the result of thousands of years of waves and storms eroding the base away. The water around the rock are quite shallow, making it possible to get out, wade around a bit and take pictures. The lake bottom is rocky and slippery, proper footwear is essential. The rock is about 3.5 miles from Port Austin. Depending on the weather, that can take more than an hour following the recommended route along the shore line, so you aren't out on one of the Great Lakes out of sight of land. The shoreline can be used, but this is all private property. The homeowners appreciate it if paddlers don't set up camp. Expect cold water into June.