Stone Circle - Beaver Island, Michigan


stoneOn the west side of Beaver Island below Angeline's Bluff is an enigmatic circle of stones. The construction consists of a circle of glacial boulders that is nearly 400' feet across.   Pictured here is the center stone that has a hole apparently bored or carved into the center.  Several of these stones have markings that have been interpreted as an ancient script or rock faces.  I photographed one face rock in front of the museum downtown.  The second face rock image is a picture of a picture inside museum, courtesy of the museum.   Speculations have been made about astronomical alignments of the circle.  The circle of stones was forgotten and was rediscovered in the 1980's.


It takes a bit of tramping around in the forest to get an idea of how big this is.  The circle of stones is real.  Research continues to determine the age and origin of the megalithic site.