Antiques Shops - Stanton, Michigan

stanton antiquesStanton, Michigan is the place to "end your antiques journey". In a 3 block area in downtown Stanton, Michigan are shops that are so special, you can end up spending the whole day or longer here.

Located in the center of Michigan, Stanton is an easy drive for a day trip from all around the state. Downtown Stanton, Michigan has convenient parking right in front of the shops. The problem is which to start with.

MY RETREAT is just off Main at 223 Day St. - Used books are a specialty but you will find antiques, lighting, repurposed furniture and new outdoor furniture.

COBBLESTONE CORNER ANTIQUES is a short walk away in an old cobblestone house at 202 W. Main St. You will find furniture, stoneware, quilts, needful things and Bill's Old Fishing Stuff.

BIRDY'S ANTIQUES & GIFTS at 203 E. Main St. is the destination for the ever popular "Man Cave" wit a variety of lights, furniture, doors and collectables. Scattered throughout the store are our "What's It" items. Identify one correctly and get 10% of your purchases for that day.

HOTEL MONTCALM & BACK ALLEY ANTIQUES is on Main st. and 106 S. Camburn. The hotel offers a B & B motif and is absolutely packed with room after room of antiques. Don't miss the Owl's Nest, a shop full of rare books on the second floor.