Seul Choix Lighthouse - Gulliver, Michigan

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seul choix lightPronounced locally, Sis-Shwa and true French, Sel-Shwa) your “Only Choice.”  This is a very beautiful lighthouse.  Seul Choix Point was supposedly named by French sailors, who found that the protected bay formed by the point was their “only choice” for shelter along that stretch of northern Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Father William Gagnieur, a scholar and itinerant Jesuit missionary among the Native Americans of northern Michigan during the early 1900s, however, claimed that locals called the point Shishewah, derived from the Ojibwa word Shashoweg, which refers to the “straight line” of the coast.

Regardless of the name’s origin, today its preferred pronunciation is “Sis-shwa.” By 1850, the bay at Seul Choix was the most important fishing station along the north shore of Lake Michigan. Each summer, roughly 500 men engaged in the industry that had a value of roughly $50,000, but there were few year-round residents in the area.

This conical brick light tower was originally built in 1895 at a cost of $18,500, it stands at 78'9". It produces a lens focal plane 80' above the mean low water level of Lake Michigan. The tower is surmounted by a 10-sided cast iron lantern. The lantern originally held a third order Fresnal lens, but is now fitted with a modern airport beacon lens.