Rose Valley Winery - Rose City, Michigan


rose valley wineryAccording to vintner, Adam Kolodziejski, the Rose Valley Winery is dedicated to making quality wines from locally-grown, cold-hardy grapes. We strive to present the Gifts of Nature in a simple and personal manner.

As one of the seven wineries on the eastern side of Michigan's lower peninsula, we seek to encourage others to make wine as well, hoping to lead the way in the of an eastern wine community in the state. Our wines are well balanced, fruity, priced to please and personal as a fond embrace. We welcome visitors to our winery six days a week, to sample and to buy, to browse and to banter in our warm, welcoming and cheerful atmosphere.

Vintner, Adam Kolodziejski, has developed his skill at this art since his college days. As time has passed and his knowledge has grown, his wines have improved. Now he produces Michigan wines that are fit to drink and enjoy. He welcomes visitors to stop by and sample the latest wines.

"We are growing 27 different varieties of grapes and have anywhere from 3,800 to 4,200 plants on about six to seven acres," Kolodziejski said: "This type of grape is considered a cold, hardy variety that can withstand a climate of 25 degrees below zero and there are some that can handle up to 40 degrees below zero." He says that the ripening of the fruit can be a slow process. The maximum amount of sunlight is desirable, because the sun exposure increases sugars in the fruit while reducing acid.