Historical Village - Richmond, Michigan


historical village richmond michiganThe Richmond Historical Society was formed in 1990 when a group of citizens came together for the purpose of preserving a one room schoolhouse which at that time sat abandoned in a farm field. The group was able to aquire the building and was provided with a site by the City of Richmond.

In 1994 the building was moved to the Bailey Historical Park. It has been completely restored and is available for tours, meetings and weddings. The Historic Village site also aquired the Grand Trunk Railroad Depot which was brought to Richmong from Rattle Run. The Depot was built around 1935 to serve the railroad which meant so much to the future growth and development of the area.

The Donley Log Cabin was moved to the Historic Village in 1997. The cabin was constructed around 1850 by John and Ellen Donley. In 1931, their grandson took on the task of preserving the cabin with a new foundation and mortar. In 1971, the grandsons dismantled the cabin and rebuilt it with the old mortar mixed in with the new.