Otsego Historical Museum

Historical Society in Otsego, Michigan - www.otsegohistory.org


otsego michigan museumOtsego has grown up around the river and still has industries operating along that historic waterway. The history of Otsego is written in its architecture and is preserved by the Historical Society. From the early Mineral Springs to the old Pine Creek site to the historic walking tour, the historical museum offers a glimpse into the remarkable past of Otsego.  The Otsego Historical Society website says "Lumber mills, grist mills, wagon shops, the Otsego Chair Factory, and even a hoe factory lined both sides of the river.

In the 1870's, folks came from all over the Midwest to rejuvenate their ailing bodies in the "medicinal" waters at the Otsego Mineral Springs Bath House. The Mineral Springs had difficulty staying in business after George Bardeen and a group of investors brought the first paper mill to Otsego in 1887. The Bardeen Mill was located where Menasha is today. Part of the Bardeen Building is still standing, and one of the machines is still in use. The mill drastically lowered the level of the spring water, rendering the Mineral Springs Bath House useless."