Lighthouse - Ontonagon, Michigan

Ontonagon Historical Society & Museum -


ontonagon lighthouseThe Ontonagon Lighthouse has been fully restored and is operated by the Ontonagon County Historical Society. The lighthouse is open six days a week. Tours begin at the Museum complex downtown, then move out to the lighthouse complex and culminate in the lantern room at the top. From that spot visitors have a great view of the lake, harbor, and the unique profile of the Porcupine Mountains 20 miles distant. The stories and details that are included in the tour make it a real treat.

By a happy coincidence it was discovered that a lantern suspended from the steeple of a Church located high atop a hill at the town of Rockland 12 miles inland, could be seen from some distance out on Lake Superior. By lining up the Church light with the Ontonagon Lighthouse, ships could steer straight into the Harbor at night!

In October 1975, the Ontonagon Lighthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.