Wessling Observatory - Newaygo, Michigan


starry skyOut here in the rural areas around Robinson Lake we are blessed with very little light pollution. City dwellers are often amazed at the stars and galaxies that fill our night skies. To see some spectacular close ups of those stars, you could visit the Stephen F. Wessling Observatory that is only minutes away. This is a unique environmental center and astronomical observatory that is open to the public.

The Observatory is located on the Kropscott centennial farm on the corner of Baseline and Stone Road and is widely known as the Kropscott Farm Environmental Center.  The facility has telescopes of various designs and sizes including: an 18” Obsession reflector, the 12.5” Raymond B. Larson telescope, and a variety of 6” to 8” computerized and non-computerized reflecting telescopes. All of these are available for the public to view and personally operate with the assistance of the Newaygo County Dark Sky Astronomers.