Water Tower - Manistique, Michigan

Historical Museum Manistique, Michigan


water towerJuly 21, 1921, Pioneer Tribune--- HOISTING TOWER FOR NEW STATION- Foundation of Building finished; moulds being placed. A wooden tower has been erected sixty feet in height about twenty feet west of the building. This tower will be used to hoist concrete and other material which will be contained in barrows and buggies.

BUILDING FACTS... The structure is 137 ft. 6 in. high from the base of the foundation to the top of the stack and rests on solid rock. It is 38 ft. wide on the outside and 33 ft. wide inside. The outside wall is built octagonal in shape but the inside wall is made with sixteen sides in order to provide greater rigidity and heavier wall sections at the eight exterior corners upon which the entire load of the steel storage tank is carried. Foundation is concrete, lower section of the tower brick with Bedford limestone trim, and the upper section brick with a concrete cornice cast in place. Storage tank is 44 ft. high, 30 ft. in diameter and has a capacity of 200,000 gallons.

This system served the water needs of Manistique until about 1951 when extensive damage to the old wooden gravity mains required the City Council to consider improvements.