Langley Covered Bridge, Michigan

Langley is the longest covered bridge in Michigan


langley covered bridgeThis is the longest of Michigan's remaining covered bridges.  The Langley covered bridge is 16 feet high and 19 feet wide.  It has three spans of 94 feet each for a total length of 282 feet.

The bridge was built in 1887 using the best Michigan white pine available for the frame timbers. When the Sturgis dam was constructed in 1910, the Langley covered bridge had to be raised eight feet. The bridge is located just south of Mendon, Michigan. Head west on M-60 from downtown Mendon and turn south when you see the sign to Centreville on Silver Street.

There is a popular fishing spot just north of the bridge where you can stop and take photos or just enjoy the view.  The back roads and this bridge make for a fun Michigan day trip.