Guntzviller's Spirit of the Woods Museum - Elk Rapids

Guntzviller's in Elk Rapids, Michigan

mink diaramaDiaramas with beautiful, hand-painted backgrounds featuring a vast assortment of native Michigan animals in settings that mimic their life in the wild are just one of the details that make Guntzviller's Spirit of the Woods Museum so unique.

Interactive touch boards by each display give kids and adults a chance to not only see the animals, but to feel their fur.  Follow the tracks on the floor to see what animal they were made by.

In addition to wildlife displays, the museum features an extremely large collection of Native American Artifacts - most of which come from the Great Lakes Region. This collection was started well over 100 years ago by George Guntzviller, Voss's grandfather. George would find arrowheads and different artifacts while he was plowing the land with a horse. As he walked behind the plow, he would pick up his treasures and put them in the coffee can that he had attached to the plow.  That collection has been added to by succeeding generations to make this a wonderful site to behold.

The museum is a perfect field trip destination for fourth graders learning about Michigan history. Seeing the many tools and arrowheads that ancient people made to be able to survive makes history come alive and displays of antique hunting and fishing gear show how love of the outdoors has also shaped our state's history.