Grape Beginnings Winery Midland, Michigan

Come In For A Sip In Time -


winesAfter sharing wine during a college room-mate weekend getaway, my husband Brent and I were inspired to chase our dreams.   I have always enjoyed wine and Brent has been acquiring a taste for it since we've been together. Once the weekend was over, I mentioned the idea of starting a boutique winery in Midland. We decided that a winery was something that would fit into the culture of Midland and that it would be well received.  Opening day for Grape Beginnings Winery was January 27th, 2015.


The warm, peaceful atmosphere of Grape Beginnings Winery is enhanced by the antique furniture which is used as displays showcasing various wine accessories and merchandise that can be purchased as the perfect present for the wine friend in your life.


A few complimentary samples are available during your visit with us. If you’re going to sit down inside, or outside on the patio, you can make a selection from a variety of home-made items on the menu, to enjoy with a glass of wine. If you’re short on time, the samples can help you choose the bottle of wine that will pair nicely with your evening meal or event you’ll be attending later in the day.


Looking for a weekend date night? Monthly we host an open tasting from 7:30 – 9:30 on a Friday or Saturday. An appetizer buffet is always provided and occasionally live music is available during these events. If a private event is more desirable, we will schedule a tasting for your own private group of friends (minimum of fifteen people required). Times and days are flexible when booking your own private tasting.


Grape Beginnings Winery will make batches of wine for your special occasion; wedding, anniversary, birthday etc. Personalized labels are available for these batches or anytime you want to commemorate a special event. We will use your pictures or ideas and put them on the wine bottles of your choice. Labels are available in lots of six.