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fife lake museumFife Lake is proud to support an outstanding small-town museum. It is chock full of artifacts and displays relating to the history of this quaint village and the surrounding area. Starting with the geology of the area, they present information on Native Americans, the lumbering era, and farming. A bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and parlor are displayed in the style of the late 1800’s. You are sure to find much that is fascinating.

The original building was erected in 1896-97 and was the First Presbyterian Church. However, in 1915 it was sold to the Fife Lake Episcopal Church, which also failed to prosper, and was taken over by the Citizens’ State Bank of Fife Lake in 1925. The bank used it as a Community Hall for social and athletic events and showing silent movies.

In 1934 the Fife Lake school district purchased the building, expanded it by 12 feet, and used it as the school gym where basketball games were played. The school district later received a pilot grant from the federal government to study the feasibility of developing a pioneer village and museum. Although additional funds were not forthcoming, a museum of sorts was established at this location. The Fife Lake Women’s Club took the initiative to support the museum by organizing the Fife Lake Historical Society in 1967, and in 1969 the historical society was incorporated under Michigan law. In 1972 the Fife Lake school district deeded the building to the Fife Lake Area Historical Society.