Thomas Edison Depot Museum

Port Huron, Michigan - Step Inside History -


depotWhile the St. Clair River and the Great Lakes were vital to the development of Port Huron, the railroads also played a pivitol role. The Grand Trunk Railway connected Port Huron to the expanding nation through Detroit and to Ontario, Canada, via the railroad ferry, and through those cities to the rest of the world. The historic Fort Gratiot depot was built in 1858 and now houses the Thomas Edison Depot Museum. This is the actual depot that Edison worked out of as a newspaper reporter in the mid 1850's.


The museum exhibits tell the story of the Edison family's move from Ohio to Michigan and portrays the curiosity about the world around him displayed by Thomas from his earliest years. That curiosity and his innate restlessness led to his fantastic inventions and the struggles he endured to produce them. The hands-on interactive exhibits allow visitors to experience the ingenuity of Thomas Edison. During his lifetime he became on of the most prolific inventors in history. One area of the museum shows his school and home environments. Another shows some of his work experience as a young adult and finally a section of the museum displays some of his greatest successes. These exhibits include a sit-down theater, live science presentations and working inventions.


Outside the depot, a restored baggage car rests on a spur of railroad track. The baggage car contains a re-creation of young Edison’s mobile chemistry lab and printing shop. The museum offers a program called, the Wizards Workshop. This is a 2 hour program about Edison’s scientific principles: electricity, communication, magnetism, and energy.