Historical Museum - Drummond Island, MI.

3 Day Getaway on Drummond Island


museumThe Drummond Island Historical Museum is a beautiful log building housing artifacts and exhibits depicting the history of the island. The fireplace was reconstructed from the stones of a chimney at Fort Drummond.


There are Indian artifacts dating back to 200 B.C. A miniature of the British fort from the early 1800's is a favorite display. Then there are writings and photos from the early 1900's about Maggie Walz establishing a Finnish colony of at least 50 settlers on Homestead Grants.  Unique exhibits bikeinclude hand-tools, handicraft, pictures and memorabilia of the late 1800s and the early 1900s logging industry. There is even an electric exercise bike from back in the day. Geological oddities, historical maps, photos of early settlers, cemetery lists “hands-on” items are all available for close up inspection.


After the original museum was destroyed by fire, the existing museum was made possible by donations from generous local families and the gracious visiting families from all across the United States.