Dahlia Hill - Midland, Michigan

Dahlia Hill Gardens - www.dahliahill.org


dahlia hillEvery year in May, the garden known as the Dahlia Hill is recreated in Midland. The hill consists of eight terraces that showcase 3,000+ dahlias including over 250 varieties. There are three stairways that go up the hill. Take anyone of them and you will quickly be surrounded by the dahlias. Gravel pathways wind along the stone terraces. Each variety of dahlia is there with labels to help with identification.


Scattered throughout are garden sculptures created by artist Charles Breed. These works are representations of the cycles of life and the seasons. Benches and resting areas are located near the parking area and at the top terrace. All of this is the work of The Dahlia Hill Society. Their goal is to grow show-quality dahlias in a garden setting. The museums on top of Dahlia Hill contain the original artwork of Charles Breed. Most of the art is based on botanical and floral shapes - especially the dahlia.