Historical Museum - Colon, Michigan

Historical Museum - Colon, Michigan - visit www.colonmi.com


clockIt isn't all magic in Colon. The town and area have a colorful history that is unique in all of Michigan. Just a block north of the main shopping district is an old church adorned with this enormous clock. When you find this you have found the museum.

From the street it appears to be another, rather small, church building that has been converted to a museum. Looks can be an illusion like so many illusions in this community of magic. There is an addition that more than triples the original size that is hidden from view from the front. The church and the addition are filled with historical treasures. A great Michigan weekend getaway.

The museum is open from June 1st to Labor Day from 2:00 - 4:30 on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday afternoons and by appointment .