Big Sable Point Lighthouse - Ludington, MI.


big sable point lighthouseThe Big Sable Point Lighthouse is listed on both the state and national registers of historic places. It is one of the tallest in the state of Michigan at over 100 feet.

 The black-and-white striped, 112 foot lighthouse at the Ludington State Park stands proudly on the shores of Lake Michigan and remains a testament to lighthouse keepers of the past. Big Sable Point Lighthouse has been honored as 2013 Featured Lighthouse of the Year for the Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival.

 The Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association maintains the Big Sable Point Lighthouse, north of Ludington State Park. The lighthouse is open for tours daily 10am-5pm from May 1 to October 31


Directions: From downtown Ludington, drive to the beach.  Turn north and follow the shoreline to the State Park.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse photo courtesy of Todd and Brad Reed.