Beaver Head Lighthouse, Michigan


Beaver Head Lighthouse, atop a high bluff on the south end of the island, was built in 1858. It is open for visitors in the summer months and has items of historical significance on display. This light was a great aid to vessels trying work their way between Beaver Island and Gray's Reef. The view of Lake Michigan from the lantern room at the top of the 46-foot tower is unmatched.

In 1866, the attached yellow brick lighthouse keeper's dwelling was constructed. In 1915, the fog signal building was constructed. Other outbuildings on the grounds include an oil house, garage and storage building and outhouse. A radio beacon was installed in 1962, at which time the lighthouse was decommissioned. The original Fourth Order Fresnel lens is on display in the keepers house.

The lighthouse is now run as the Beaver Island Lighthouse School and is available for students in northwest Michigan, aged sixteen to twenty-one, who have dropped out of school or are at risk of doing so. Part of the curriculum is to maintain the lighthouse and the other buildings on the site. Consequently this lighthouse is in excellent condition.