This site, and its companion sites, are all about short Michigan getaways along the back roads.  The focus is on small historic towns, historic destinations, local festivals, unique lodging and local shops. 




This is a general explanation of the various tools used by Michigan Back Roads to promote Michigan tourism emphasizing lesser known destinations and getaways.

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Basic Page, attraction, festival, shop etc. with text, images and links. - $180.00 per year

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Day Trip Page, multiple subjects with text, images and links. - $180.00 per year


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Websites Michigan Webs uses several websites to promote Michigan getaways. Each site is optimized to capture searchers using specific keyword phrases we have researched.


Road Trips & Attractions -

Michigan Gif Shops - .

Scenic Drives & Trails -

Web Magazine Monthly - .

Road Trip & Michigan Books -

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Michigan Back Roads is the main site with 150,000+ visitors and 250,000+ page views annually.


Up North is 2nd and contains most of our Scenic Drives, Natural Wonders, Trails etc. Terrific Towns will have one or two pages on Up North. It is important to remember that, while people living in south Michigan consider “up north” to mean north of Clare, people in Illinois or Ohio or Kentucky think of all of Michigan as “up north”.


Travel In Michigan is my web magazine. This site is rewritten every month and is used to promote a few specific destinations and events each month. Each Terrific Town is featured at least once per year. More than 6,000 people subscribe to receive an e-mail alert each month when the new issue goes online.


Back Roads Lodging and Michigan Gift Shops are self explanatory.


Books I currently have 6 books in print that are sold everywhere. The books are an essential component in promoting destinations, lodging and towns.  Book Descriptions PDF - Book Dealers


Live Presentations – I give live slide show presentations all over the state about Road Trips to out of the way places in Michigan. These presentations are done in libraries, historical societies and clubs. The presentations are designed to increase website traffic. I give several presentations per month.


Why it works: Thousands of people visit these websites every month looking for places to go and fun things to do. Destinations are organized by type and region. Hundreds search the phrase “Michigan getaway vacations” every month and when they do, they find Michigan Back Roads near the top. Same thing holds true for the phrase “Michigan road trips”, “Michigan attractions”, “up north Michigan” and many more.