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Michigan Back Roads is dedicated to promoting Michigan tourism through entertainment and storytelling.  You heard about a destination that isn't particularly famous and wonder, what is there to do around there? If you are looking for fun on the back roads, you have come to the right place. The Michigan Back Roads websites, books, social media, live performances and radio broadcasts are all about just that, fun. Most of these are places that have been overlooked. Only a few are “famous”.  The books and websites cover the entire state of Michigan and are organized by subjects of interest.


Getaways pages include road trips, oddities, trails, towns and more. Some are day trips or festivals and some are overnight getaways.

Regions – the map on each page organizes the getaways and fun stuff by area of the state. Click on the area you are interested in.

Books – Each books contains excursions to every region of Michigan. Each book covers different subjects of interest. Book chapters are often more detailed than a given web page. The books make it easy to find fun stuff around a destination.  Book Descriptions PDF

Podcast - Short getaway episodes - Click Here

Specialized Websites - Separate websites are maintained for Gift Shops, Lodging and Up North. The Up North Michigan website is dedicated to natural wonders and trails. These are all over Michigan since, for people living in the south like Ohio, all of Michigan is “up north”.   Travel In Michigan is a free monthly newsletter.


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